MappED! Project Final Conference, Brussels, 30 August 2017


The Final Conference of the MappED! Project - Providing Equal Opportunities to Students with Disabilities for their Participation in the Erasmus+ Programme will take place at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels, 30 August 2017.


Background and target groups


The event is a culmination of a 2-year MappED! Project, that is part of the ExchangeAbility and MapAbility projects established by the Erasmus Student Network, and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.


The main goal of MappED! is to provide equal opportunities to students with disabilities for their participation in the Erasmus+ Programme.


To support the students with disabilities the project created a unique online platform, to help find information regarding accessible mobility. The platform provides information about existing opportunities such as additional grant requests, and the possibility to learn about the accessibility of Higher Education Institutions in Europe and their surrounding areas.


The final conference will provide a stage to present the outcomes and achievements of the MappED! project, which focuses on assisting students with disabilities taking the first step towards mobility.


The event will also include a training on the topic of disability delivered by trainers from the Erasmus Student Network.


The Conference is aimed at:

  • national project coordinators
  • students involved in the project
  • partners of the project
  • important stakeholders in the area of inclusion of students with disabilities




For any information regarding the agenda of the MappED! Conference take a look at the official invitation.




Registration to the Conference is now open!
Please register by filling out the registration form available on the MappED! website.




For further information, please go to the MappED! website or contact Mr Thomas Pappas at