Modern event calendar 2011

2011 Conferences and Workshops

The MODERN European platform on Higher Education Modernisation is organising three events, as follows, in the first half of 2011. All information and the online registration for the following events is available on

  • Brussels, 13-14 April 2011, a Senior Leadership Workshop "Effecting Change in Universities" (Number of places limited to 20 participants)
  • Milano 12 May 2011, a Peer Learning Workshop "Knowledge Exchange" (Number of places limited to 25 participants)
  • Milano 13 May 2011, a Conference "Developing a strategic agenda for university knowledge exchange:Universities building dynamic interactions with their external environments"

Giving the EU grant and the financial support from the European Commission  Modern is able to offer these leadership and peer learning activities at a price well below the full cost.

Respond to the short survey on training needs in higher education and obtain a further 5% discount on the registration fees for the above events.

For further information please contact