Nine UNICA member universities participating in the activities of the CALOHEE project

CALOHEE: Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Europe is an Erasmus+ project launched in 2015. The project intends to develop an infrastructure that will eventually make it possible to test Bachelor and Master students' performance Europe-wide and help to improve Higher Education in Europe. The project is coordinated by University of Groningen and UNICA is one of the project partners. 


The project focuses on 5 main subject areas: Physics, Civil Engineering, Nursing, History and Education Sciences (including Teaching Training). For each subject area working groups have been created and 9 UNICA member universities are currently involved:


Over the 2-year period (2015-2017), the participants will attend 3 working group meetings, where they will share their input and experience in the respected area of expertise, with an aim to develop a fair, sustainable approach of comparing and measuring the achievements of learning outcomes in the European Higher Education Area. The outcomes will help to determine if students are prepared for their role in society (personal development, citizenship and employability) after graduation, while also meeting the academic standards associated with their area of specialisation. 

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