Postdoctoral positions at Charles University: 1 July 2012 - 1 July 2014.

Post-Doc Research Fund for Foreign Young Researchers Wishing to Work at Charles University in Prague


*********   deadline for submission of applications: 20 March 2012  *****************


Basic Description and Goals

The goal of this project is to attract promising post-docs who will research a chosen theme at the relevant centres of CU. The main initiator is always the relevant department/centre of the faculty/institute which has an interest in the research area/project concerned. The CU Research Board is involved in the management of the process. Fund at CU for Foreign ‘Post-Doc‘ Researchers started on August 1st 2011. 


Conditions for Realisation

a) The scientific-research centre/department of the faculty has the prerequisites (space, necessary technical resources etc.) to accept a foreign applicant in the category of research workers for work on the relevant research project.

b) The university has the financial resources (non-investment) to cover the essential expenses for conducting the research project and to cover the salary of the applicants.

c) The post-doc worker is accepted to work on the research project for a period of two years

d) Stays are planned in three areas (humanities, natural sciences and medical fields).


1. The research centre proposes a viable theme (annotation), falling within its research activities, to be tackled by the applicant's project. After being conveyed to the relevant department of the faculty, this theme is made public in the accessible media (pages of the faculty, CU, foreign portals). One component of this publicization is the proposal of the faculty submitted directly also at the foreign faculty with which the home centre has co-operative research ties.


2. After consultation with the research centre proposing the theme, the applicant draws up a detailed project and submits it to the faculty by a stated deadline. His/her application includes a CV and list of publications, a statement from his/her PhD supervisor and a letter of recommendation from the head of the department/institute where the applicant studied for his/her doctorate (‘Application for post-doc grant at Charles University in Prague‘ and ‘Letter of Reference‘).

3. The faculty passes the application with project details to the CU Rectorate by a stated deadline. Academic communication will proceed with the research centre proposing the theme.

4. The University Committee of five members is appointed by the Rector. This evaluates the project, makes a recommendation and determines the order on whether it should be granted funds from the ‘Post-DocResearch Fund‘ for the relevant year. The definitive allocation of funds is approved by the Rector.

5. The applicant is informed of the results of the procedure, including the possible date of commencement of the stay, and completes the necessary formalities (visa etc.).

6. After the first year of work on the project, the University Committee as determined above will – by means of an interview with the post-doc worker – evaluate the results achieved and will confirm the continuation of his/her stay for the following year. This interim checking process will include a written report from the head of the centre (mentor) on the course of progress of the project. The result of the interview is then handed on to the CU Rectorate's International Affairs Office.

7. Towards the end of the two-year period the realisation of the project is evaluated by the CU University Committee (presentation of final conclusions with submission of publications), and the committee produces a report on the realisation of the project. The CU Research Board is then informed of the result.



Deadline for the applications submission at the Rectorate: 20th March 2012.


The candidates must respect the deadlines given in the proposition of the research centre/institute. 


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