SAVES2 project kicks off!

SAVES2 (Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings 2) is a project run within the framework of the EU Horizon 2020 funding stream and builds on the widely acknowledged project SAVES, funded by the EU’s Intelligent Energy Europe in 2014-2017. SAVES2, therefore, continues the efforts of the SAVES project in expanding the energy-saving Student Switch Off competition campaign from the UK, where it was originally conceived, to other European countries.


About the project

SAVES2 aims to promote sustainable energy behaviours among over 219,000 university students in seven countries, with a special attention dedicated to fuel poverty and practical ways of reducing students’ exposure to this issue. The project kicks-off at a time when discussions on fuel poverty are increasing across Europe, and more and more measures are being taken to fight against it. While fuel poverty remains a systemic issue, minimising carbon footprint and promoting energy efficiency helps to instil good habits in individuals and empowers them to continue energy-saving actions throughout their private lives.


SAVES2 incorporates two strands that engage with students living in university accommodation (via an inter-dormitory energy-saving competition called Student Switch Off) and in the private-rented sector (via an engagement programme called SAVES). The project will also highlight the benefits that smart meters can have for students – as a way for students to get control of their energy usage and identify energy wastage in their private-rented sector property.


The project started in May 2017, and will last for 42 months. National Union of Students (UK) is the lead organisation and the consortium incorporates 11 partners from 8 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania, and the UK).

Thanks to SAVES2, the Student Switch Off campaign will expand on campuses in Ireland, Romania and Bulgaria as of 2017.


UNICA's role in the project

UNICA takes the role of a leader in the dissemination of the project, playing a key role in raising awareness about the energy-saving actions and supporting the project using the established partner network and communications channels. This will be achieved by spreading the project via UNICA website and newsletter, as well as high-profile presentations at the UNICA conferences, meetings and workshops. UNICA will help celebrate and communicate the successes of the project to European Stakeholders.


UNICA is happy to announce that four of its member universities are taking part in SAVES2. The Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, the University of Bucharest, the University of Cyprus and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens all joined this exciting project and are committed to running the Student Switch Off campaigns on their campuses in 2017-2020.


To read more about the SAVES2 project you are invited to visit the official website.