Summer school in Athens 15-29 July 2012: Plato’s Academy: a gateway for applied philosophy in sciences

Call for the expression of interest
Summer school in Athens 15-29 July 2012
Plato’s Academy: a gateway for applied philosophy in sciences


The University of Athens in collaboration with the Foundation for Hellenic World , the Onassis Cultural Center and the Institute for Youth and lifelong learning of the General Secretariat for Youth, is launching a project entitled "Plato’s Academy: the development of Knowledge and innovative ideas".


Within the framework of this project, FHW plans to organize and run a multidisciplinary summer school the overall theme of which will be to consider the impact of Platonic (mainly) philosophy on contemporary issues relevant to science and technology.


The objectives of the project are the following:
• the support of research concerning the development of knowledge and innovative ideas as a contributing factor to social and economic progress;
• the development of a network of cooperation connecting Greek and overseas educational establishments, as well as individual researchers and research institutions;
• the utilization of a historical neighborhood of Athens and its cultural heritage as the starting point for the acquisition of knowledge and for the development of alternative learning methods.


The Summer School of Philosophy and Applied Research is addressed to postgraduate students and researchers from all over the world who are interested in investigating the relationship between applied research and its underlying principles and the ways in which this reearch supplies feedback for, and occasionally overturns, these same principles. The number of students who will participate each year will be twenty. They will be selected by a special academic committee following a thorough assessment of the submitted applications.

The Project covers the teaching expenses and the educational materials provided. Additionally, it fully covers the students' meals and accommodation in twin bedrooms, as well as their daily transportation to and from the teaching venues. Lastly, the Project will cover 3 educational outings in and around Athens which are part of the school programme. The students will have to cover the transportation cost from their place of residence to Athens and back.

The Summer School will last 15 days and will run for three consecutive years, starting in 2012. This Call is addressed to candidates for the 2012 programme and applications received will be considered for this year. The venue will be the facilities of FHW in Athens, specifically the Hellenic Cosmos ( The opening date for the current year is Monday,
July 16th and the closing date is Sunday, July 29th


For more information on the summer school please click here.


A detailed programme of instruction will be soon published in the summer school's link where the application form can be downloaded.

Deadline for the applications: 30th May 2012
Selection process to be completed: 5th June 2012.

Anyone interested in participating in the Summer School is kindly requested to send a detailed
curriculum vitae accompanied by the application form, by May 30th, to our contact email:

Please do not forget to include the reference code: plato2012 in any communication.