UNICA attends roundatable session on sustainable cities - read the feedback by UNICA's attendee José Moura

On the 26th of September UNICA attended the roundtable session «Cutting Edges: Exploring Sustainability through Sciences, Technology and the Arts» at BOZAR, Brussels. The session gathered researchers, grant providers, companies, SME’s, non-profit, spinoffs and startups, architects, designers, artists, policymakers etc. for a constructive debate about citizenship and sustainability while providing a space for an exchange of ideas and call to action.

The session started with presentations by  Marleen Wynants (VUB-Crosstalks) and Anna Valtonen (Vice President of Art and Creative Practices, Aalto University, FI). Participants were afterwards divided into three groups to discuss three different topics: Smart cities and digital pollution, clean air and sustainable water management.

Mikhel Kangur from Tallinn University (UNICA GREEN member) and José Moura from NOVA School of Science and Technology (NOVA University Lisbon) and member of UNICA’s University, Culture & the City Group, attended the meeting. Prof Moura wrote a contribution describing his experience. On the nature of the session itself, Prof Moura mentions he “was impressed by the complementarity of interest and backgrounds of the participants around the table”. He also adds that “the work under development by the different contributors was sound and strong connections were envisaged. The aspects related to the sharing of new ideas might be exploited, in a near-future horizon, for potential consortia”.

Read the full contribution of José Moura.

Check the album with photos of the event.