UNICA at the EAIE Conference Liverpool 2016

The EAIE Conference 2016 took place in Liverpool, 13-16 September 2016, and gathered more than 5200 participants from over 80 countries. UNICA members and representatives of the UNICA Secretariat contributed the Conference's workshops, sessions and the EAIE Exhibition. The UNICA's informal IRO meeting & reception held during the Conference was a chance for the representatives of member universities to network and to catch up on UNICA's latest activities.




SESSION 3.12 | Wednesday 13 September | 14:30-15:30 | How do we secure fair admission and recognition for refugees?

CHAIR: STEPHEN ORME, Study Group, Worldwide

SPEAKERS: MARIT EGNER, University of Oslo, Norway (UNICA Member); JEANETTE EINDHOVEN, Universiteit van Amsterdam/ Student Services, Netherlands (UNICA Member); STIG ARNE SKJERVEN, NOKUT / Norwegian ENIC-NARIC, Norway.


SESSION 5.04 | Thursday 15 September | 09:00-10:00 | Universities, human rights and the refugee crisis: A Bermuda Triangle?

CHAIR: JEAN-PAUL LEHNERS, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg (UNICA Member)

SPEAKERS: DOMINIQUE MONTAGNESE, UNICA- Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe, Belgium; JOACHIM WYSSLING, European University Foundation, Luxembourg; JENS KEMPER, University of Bremen, Germany.


SESSION 9.02 | Thursday 15:30-16:30 | How higher education networks have responded to the refugee crisis

CHAIR: GREGORY MAKRIDES, EAEC-University of Cyprus, Cyprus (UNICA Member)

SPEAKERS: MARCELLO SCALISI, UNIMED - Mediterranean Universities Union, Italy; MARINA MALGINA, NOKUT, Norway; ROBERT O'DOWD, Universidad de León & Collaborator with SGroup European Universities' Network, Spain


SESSION 10.08 | Friday 16 September | 09:00-10:00 | From fragmented joint projects to multi-layered and sustainable cooperation

CHAIR: MARC ZOLVER, Ecole Centrale Paris, France

SPEAKERS: JACQUELINE COUDER, Vrije Universiteit Brussel International Relations, Belgium (UNICA Member); INGE MANGELSCHOTS, Ghent University, Belgium; JINXI MA, Beihang University; INTERNATIONAL DIVISION, China