UNICA General Assembly elects new President and Members of the Steering Committee

The UNICA General Assembly 2015, representing 35 out of 47 Member Universities, elected Prof. Luciano Saso as the new President of the Network.


Prof. Luciano Saso (Vice-Rector for European University Networks at Sapienza University of Rome) was the sole candidate for the position of the UNICA President and will officially begin his 4-year mandate in January 2016. Over the last few years, he has been actively involved in the activities of the Network: He chairs the UNICA EduLab, UNICA-MED Group, and has been Member of the UNICA Steering Committee since 2012. 


The General Assembly also elected new Members of the UNICA Steering Committee who will serve for a period of 2 years (2016-2017). Prof. Jacques Lanarès (Vice-Rector fot Quality, Human Resources, and Development of Teaching, Université de Lausanne), Prof. Franck Leprévost (Vice-President for Organisation and International Relations, University of Luxembourg) and Prof. Tomas Zima (Charles University in Prague) will join Prof. Serge Jaumain (Vice-Rector for International Relations and Communication Strategies, Université libre de Bruxelles) and Prof. Antonio Rendas (Rector, Universidade Nova de Lisboa), reelected for the second term. 


The new President and Members of the UNICA Steering Committee will start their work in January 2016. 


UNICA extends its sincere appreciation to the outgoing President Prof. Stavros A. Zenios and Members of the Steering Committee, Prof. Emmanuel Fraisse (Vice-President for European and International Relations, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3) and Prof. Melita Kovacevic (former Vice-Rector for Research and Technology, University of Zagreb).