"UNICA Green Students' Hub" project selected for UNICA co-funding!

"UNICA Green Students' Hub", a project proposal prepared by students who had participated in Forum 8 of the UNICA Student Conference 2017, was selected for UNICA co-funding! 


During the UNICA Student Conference 2017, two action plans were awarded:

  • Students' Vote Prize: Forum 9 “Integration of refugees: what can Universities do?”
  • Jury Prize: Forum 8 “Greener Universities”

Student delegates who prepared the two winning action plans received symbolic prizes at the Conference, and were invited to submit full project proposals to compete for UNICA co-funding. During the recent UNICA Steering Committee in Brussels, 27 February, the winner was unveiled!


Based on selection criteria (Originality, Applicability and sustainability, Relevance and impact, Well-defined governance & leadership, Endorsement & Financial support from at least one UNICA Member University), the UNICA Steering Committee selected the "UNICA Green Students' Hub" proposal.


The SC members highly appreciated the proposal's applicability, clearly defined implementation, and the envisaged cooperation with the already existing UNICA GREEN Working Group. Big congratulations to the students and warm thanks to University of Lausanne, Université libre de Bruxelles and Vrije Universiteit Brussel for endorsing the UNICA Green Students’ Hub proposal.


Special thanks and appreciation are also due to University of Lausanne and Université libre de Bruxelles for offering extra funding for the implementation of the project. 


We will keep you updated on the implementation of the "UNICA Green Students' Hub" project!


Initiated by Freie Universität in Berlin in 2000, the UNICA Student Conference has aimed to provide a "mobility experience in a nutshell" and to bring together the students of UNICA universities, let them examine and debate on their views on Europe’s most pertinent issues, but also to encourage them to formulate their opinions and recommendations that could give birth to new exciting initiatives. The meeting’s objective has also been to provide the participants with new skills, such as an ability to work in a multinational and multicultural team, to share and defend one’s own ideas and to negotiate. Since 2000, 9 UNICA Student Conference took place, hosted by Freie Universität in Berlin (2000), University College London (2002), University of Amsterdam (2004), Université Pierre et Marie Curie (now Sorbonne Université) together with Université Panthéon Sorbonne, Sorbonne Nouvelle and Paris Dauphine (2006), University of Warsaw (2008), Sapienza University of Rome with Universities "Tor Vergata", Roma Tre and "Foro Italico" (2010), University of Oslo (2012) and University of Lausanne (2014). In 2017, the Conference returned to Rome and was again hosted by Sapienza University of Rome in cooperation with Universities "Tor Vergata", Roma Tre and "Foro Italico". It gathered 204 students representing 30 countries & 38 UNICA member universities.