Contact Persons

Download the list of UNICA contact persons (as of 11 November 2020)



Each UNICA Member University is represented by a Contact Person. 

The role of the UNICA Contact Persons is crucial for the right functioning of the Network and for ensuring the information flow between a member University and the UNICA Secretariat in Brussels. The Contact Person is always kept informed when the UNICA office contacts other representatives of her/his University. 

As regards the position of the UNICA Contact Person, most of UNICA Contact Persons are International Relations Officers, however the involvement of academic advisors (such as Vice Rectors for International Relations) who assess the potential academic value of a given UNICA event for the University and facilitate faculty involvement is highly recommended. In this regard, we recommend the "Contact Persons twinning" which entails the involvement of both an administrative advisor and an academic advisor as Contact Persons for each member university.


The role of a UNICA institutional contact person is:

  • to disseminate the information on UNICA activities/calls/initiatives circulated by the UNICA Secretariat within the University and provide information from the University to the Network,
  • to provide support to the UNICA Secretariat in contacting target experts within his/her University to participate in the Network's projects and initiatives,
  • to provide the UNICA Secretariat with names and e-mails of Vice-Rectors and of the University representatives who might be interested in the specific activities of UNICA Working Groups,
  • to regularly inform the UNICA Secretariat about any changes of the academic leadership and of the University representatives involved in UNICA activities (Rectors’ elections and mandates, Vice-Rectors, IROs, people participating in UNICA Working Groups, etc.),
  • to participate in the UNICA Contact Persons meeting once per year (in the framework of the UNICA General Assembly).


The UNICA Contact Persons are also warmly encouraged to organize annual feedback meetings (or other forms of formal/informal feedback transfer) for people from their University who has been involved in UNICA activities.