Information Project on Higher Education Reform II - renewal (Lisbon Strategy and Bologna Process)

Tuesday, 16 December, 2008 to Wednesday, 16 December, 2009


Service Contract signed with the European Commission DG EAC. UNICA (consortium leader) cooperates with Brussels Education Services aiming at achieving to the following contract outcomes:
  • Continued general awareness-raising about the Bologna Process and Lisbon Strategy amongst stakeholders in the 27 EU member states, the EEA countries and one candidate country.
  • Maintaining mechanisms of information, communication and coordination ensuring a smooth functioning of the National Teams of Bologna Experts.

A series of Higher Education Reform Papers for the benefit of the Community of Bologna Experts and beyond will be published along the year.

Seminars for Bologna Experts will be organised in the run of 2009: “Making Mobility Happen” (Rome, 30-31 March 09) and “Competences for the Future” (Warsaw, 23-24 October, 09).
Networking activities through the promotion of the Bologna Experts’ Virtual Community will be implemented.
Budget: 277,000€


HE_ReformIII_Summary.pdf (44.36 KB)Download