RS3G Meeting in Stuttgart

nvitation and Programme for December 10 and 11 "Following the successful two RS3G meetings in Rome and in Dublin attended by nearly 60 people from 15 countries, we are very happy to send out invitations for the next workshop to be held in Stuttgart on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 December 2008. On December 10 a steering committee meeting will take place, working on a more formal structure for future work of RS3G. To this first steering committee meeting all participants of the first two meetings are invited who want to contribute to the organizational work behind RS3G. The workgroup should afterwards decide on a permanent steering committee of 5 to 10 persons. On December 11 the Stuttgart workshop will take place. It aims to give an update to relevant developments around RS3G and to work on the different focus areas identified in the Dublin meeting. Please find a detailed overview on the workshop programme and the registration form. More information on the pre-workshop dinner event on the evening of 10 December will follow closer to the event. A hotel list and directions will be provided upon registration. In Dublin a range of possible focus areas for the future work of RS3G were identified. In an online poll (still open to all participants of the first two workgroup meetings) four of them are currently the most "popular" ones : European Learner Mobility Graduation documents (European Diploma Supplement and other) Description of course units / unit catalogue Course equivalency / matching If you have not yet participated in the poll, please follow the link below and contribute to identifying the most important focus areas for RS3G : Starting from the results of the poll the steering committee and the workgroup will define four focus areas for the next workshops. Aim of the Stuttgart workshop is also to identify areas were first practical results can be achieved. Please feel free to forward this email to others who you think would find it of relevance and who could usefully contribute. If you have any queries, please contact any of the three organisers : Manuel Dietz, unisolution, Germany +49 711 2535 9160 Jonathan Dempsey, Digitary, Ireland +353 87 8515508 Simone Ravaioli, Kion, Italy +39 051 6111411 We look forward to seeing you in Stuttgart! Very best wishes, Manuel Dietz"