Student of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata" awarded the 1st prize in the UGAF Student Photo Contest

logo-UGAF-Q-ok.jpg Niccolò Ara, the student of University of Rome “Tor Vergata” was awarded the 1st prize in the UGAF Student Photo Contest, organised by UNICA and the UNICA Green Academic Footprint (UGAF) Core Group on the occasion of the 43th Earth Day.

The theme of the contest as well as of this year’s Earth Day was the Climate Change and its impact on the environment and human life. In the face of unprecedented occurrences of extreme weather, loss of species, and pollution, it is more important than ever to reflect on how we can protect the planet and prevent from the irreversible changes in environment.

The participants of the contest were asked to submit photos which depict the changes they see in the environment and evoke a reflection on how our behaviour influences the state of our planet. 

Twenty three pictures taken by the students of UNICA member universities were submitted for contest. The Jury composed of Members of the UGAF Core Group decided to award Niccolò Arra for the picture which presents the drainage pipe located in the middle of the wood, far away from the civilization. This trace of human activity surrounded by the pristine and untouched forest shows the senselessness of interventions in the nature which only interfere with pure beauty and wilderness.

The Organizers of the UGAF Photo Contest would like to thank all the participants for their excellent photos and congratulate Niccolò on winning the contest and the prize: the InterRail Global Pass, offering "5 days within 10 days" of travelling by train across Europe.

See the winning picture!

The gallery with all the pictures submitted to the Contest (including names of contestants and their Universities) can be found here.