UNICA Student Webinars: Pharma and Biomedical Careers in Europe

Series of webinars “Pharma and Biomedical Careers in Europe

in collaboration with EPSA – the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

The 4th session of “Pharma and Biotech Careers in Europe” is organised in collaboration with European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP). The mission of EAFP is to lead advancement of pharmacy education and research to reflect developments in pharmacy and the needs of society.

During this session, Kristof Bonnarens, from the DG Health of the European Commission, will show to the audience the opportunities in the European Institutions, followed by a presentation about the careers at the European Medicines Agency.

Moreover, prominent speakers will focus on the career opportunities for physicians and and in pharmaceutical manufactoring.

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Find the programme with the biographies of the speakers here!

Presentations of the 4th edition, 11 May 2021

The three previous UNICA student webinars on Pharma and Biotech Careers in Europe have been very successful, with more than 150 students and excellent speakers.

During two online sessions, the experts gave an overview of existing job opportunities in Europe and how to seize them:

  1. On 23 November 2020, we analysed the life after academia and the job opportunities in no-clinical drugs development.
  2. On 14 December 2020, we analysed the job opportunities in clinical research, marketing and medical affairs, pharmacy and biotechnologies
  3. On 25 January 2021, we showed the students how to create a personal company or start-up.

The programmes of the first two sessions are available here.

Find here the programme of the third session!

Moreover you can watch the sessions on the UNICA YouTube channel!

Presentations of the last editions

Presentations from session I, 23 November 2020

– What Student expect after a degree in Pharmacy or Biotechnologies? by Josef Kunrt and Andreea Iordache 

– Launching your pharma/biotech career in Europe by Chris van Schravendijk

– Overview of opportunitiesfor jobs and careers in the pharma, bio-and medtech sector in Europe by Josse R Thomas

– Job opportunities in Drug Discovery by Cristina Gardelli

– ADME, career opportunities in preclinical and clinical drug development by Glyn Steventon

– Career Opportunities in Nonclinical Development (toxicological studies) by Mark Martens

Presentations from session II, 14 December 2020

– Job opportunities in the Clinical Research Organizations world by Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove

– Job opportunities in Clinical Research Quality Management by Iris Gorter de Vries

– Job opportunities in marketing and medical affairs by Vicky van den Nieuwenhuyzen

– Career opportunities in Regulatory Science by Ann Emmerechts

– Career opportunities in a Science Park by Laura Aldrovandi and Simona Sbardelatti

Presentations from session III, 25 January 2021

Job and career opportunities in the medical technology sector by Olivier Kerckhove

Career opportunities in Regulatory Affairs by Mónica Serrano

How to start your own company by Lieven Baert

Prometheus: story of an Italian start-up from research to entrepreneurship by Valentina Menozzi

UNICA Student Webinars: Pharma and Biomedical Careers in Europe


PART 4: 14:30 – 17:30 CEST


For more information, please contact: laura.colo@unica-network.eu